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By Teri Errico Griffis Nothing beats a big, beautiful grassy yard for your pet to play in. But grass growers know all too well how a green yard can quickly turn into a blotchy field of yellow patches thanks to your pet’s potty habits. You can try training them to […]

The Turf is Always Greener

By Caitlin Kuczko, CPDT-KA If you do not have loose-leash walking skills off-leash, then you will not have them on-leash. Sounds strange, right? Maybe even backwards? After all, off-leash obedience is introduced in the advanced levels of obedience, and you need to have a leash to have loose-leash walking skills…right? […]

Ask the Trainer: Cut ‘em Some Slack

By Teri Errico Photos by Nolan Schillerstrom Living in the Lowcountry means enjoying two things year round: coastal views and ideal weather. Both of these luxuries make it a perfect place for bird watching. Whether you’ve been observing for years or want to get started, Nolan Schillerstrom, Coastal Program Coordinator […]

Eyes to the Sky

by Teri Errico Griffis Photos by Graham Cerceo It’s an experience you need to see to understand. Watching dogs who were once chained to trees, now roaming free and safe, tongues and tails wagging, jumping around in a newly built, fenced-in pen. It warms your heart. And as rewarding as […]

Building Fences. The Good Kind.

By Ellie Whitcomb Payne A proactive training approach encourages early muzzle introduction and aims to remove the stigma of its use. One of the common reasons people think to muzzle dogs is to avoid biting incidents, but in actuality, dog owners, trainers and veterinarians use muzzles to prevent a much […]

A Muzzle for Every Dog?

By: Dan Krosse Photography: Vince Musi Vince Musi has traveled the globe in search of photographs to brighten the pages of National Geographic for more than two decades. But Sullivan’s Island is the place he’s called home since 2001. He decided to move his family there the day his son […]

The Perfect Shot

By Teri Errico Griffis When Firefighter EMT Steven Michaels headed to work the day before Hurricane Matthew hit, he knew he would have a hand in saving the islands, local homes and possibly even lives. He never expected one of those lives would be a dog’s—or that he’d end up […]

Storm Chaser

By Helen Ravenel Hammond When an emergency happens concerning your beloved pet, every minute counts. And sometimes there are needs that go well beyond what your veterinarian can do. That’s why there is Charleston Veterinary Referral Center (CVRC), the most advanced specialty and emergency
 small animal hospital in the Southeast. Patients […]

Charleston Veterinary Referral Center

By Ellie Whitcomb Payne It’s not proper to judge a woman by the color of her hair (insert blonde joke here), but what about our feline friends? A group of researchers recently found that coloring can in fact clue you in to the potential for aggressiveness in cats of certain […]


BY ELLIE WHITCOMB PAYNE How to toilet-train your cat—and if you should even try. A litter-less life may be a lofty aspiration for any admitted cat lover, but despite the cat’s general reputation for stubbornness, it is possible to teach our feline friends a few tricks. People everywhere are attempting […]

A Litterless life

By: Dr.  Angele Bice, Associate Director of. Public Health and Spay/Neuter Initiatives Thanks to the Charleston Animal Society, I recently experienced the opportunity of a lifetime. Students for International Veterinary Opportunities (SIVO) is an academic program and non-profit effort for veterinary students and doctors at the University of Florida—and I am […]

Local Vet Heads to Honduras on a Medical Mission

The Perfect Pet Tracking App Losing a dog is a pet owner’s biggest fear—but Whistle will be your new hero. This app allows you to create a customizable “Whistle Zone” as a safe area for your pet to visit, and all you need to do is attach the rechargeable, waterproof […]

Pet Pointers

By: Helen Ravenel Hammond It’s a girl. It’s a boy. It’s both?! That’s what Kelly and Zach Hoelz were told when they adopted “Luna” at Charleston Animal Society in August. Yep, Luna (originally named “Sally”) was a hermaphrodite, meaning he/she had both male and female reproductive organs. Dr. Lucy Fuller oversees […]

Gender Bender