Butters Living the Life

It may be a bit jarring to see a three-legged dog when you first walk into Craft Axe Throwing in Knoxville, TN. But snuggle up to Butters (previously Butterbean at Charleston Animal Society), and you will hear a fantastic lifesaving story. Butters was initially brought to Charleston Animal Society with a broken leg. The fracture was so severe, an amputation was in order. This didn’t stop this new tripod from showing off her playful side and that caught the eye of Rob Kosky who was visiting Charleston Animal Society.

The rest is history and Butters is now living her best life
as the Craft Axe Throwing mascot in Knoxville, TN. According to Rob, “She gets so much love, treats and constant attention every day and loves her job of making sure our axe throwing groups are okay and having a good time.” Butters’ story is shared with guests from around the country every single day. Rob adds, “People are always amazed how well she gets around on three legs and she’s become as much of an attraction as axe throwing!”