VSC Summerville Opening


Veterinary Specialty Care opened new location in September

Veterinary Specialty Care (VSC) is a leading provider of emergency and specialty veterinary care in the Lowcountry. In September, VSC opened the doors on a brand new 24-hour emergency hospital in Summerville located at 319 E. 3rd North Street. As big supporters of Charleston Animal Society and Carolina Tails magazine, VSC’s Community Outreach Coordinator and Client Advocate Natalie Garber sat down to speak with us about their new facility.

Carolina Tails: Tell us about the exciting announcement from Veterinary Specialty Care. Natalie Garber: We are so excited to join the Summerville community! As of September 16th, Veterinary Specialty Care opened the doors to our 3rd location. There is a great need for 24 hr. emergency care (as well as specialty care) in Summerville. We have so many clients that drive upwards of 45 minutes to get to our North Charleston location with emergencies.

Carolina Tails: Tell us what the new hospital is like.
Natalie Garber: If you’ve been to our Mount Pleasant hospital, the Summerville location is set up similarly, and offers the same services. The building itself is over 15,000 sq. feet. Our Summerville hospital offers 24-hour emergency and critical care as well as Internal medicine department, Oncology and Cardiology services, and Surgery; Neurology and Dentistry services.

Carolina Tails: One exciting offering VSC has is pre-enrollment for your pet, just in case an emergency happens. How does that work?
Natalie Garber: The Emergency Pre-registration form can be filled out at any time that way, if and when, your pet has an emergency and your primary vet is closed, we can access your pet’s medical records and history. Completing this form ahead of time, can save critical time and stress in the event of an emergency. You can find the Emergency Pre-registration form at veterinaryspecialtycare.com/emergency-pre-registration/.

Carolina Tails: Veterinary Specialty Care is unique in that you offer specialty services for animals, with a referral from your primary vet?
Natalie Garber: That’s right. The emergency department is open 24hrs and no appointment is necessary. With our specialty departments, Internal Medicine and Surgery—your primary veterinarian would submit a referral for your pet to have a consultation with one of our specialists.

Carolina Tails: Before we let you go, tell us why Veterinary Specialty Care is such a huge supporter of area shelters, including Charleston Animal Society. Many people may not realize, but you often times offer discounted treatment plans for pets that rescues are trying to save.

Natalie Garber: Absolutely. I can proudly say that all of our doctors pursued careers in the field for the same reason; their love and passion for helping animals. Many of our doctors, and team members, would tell you that some of their most rewarding cases have involved rescue animals. Without rescues and shelters, we wouldn’t be able to help these animals in need. Being able to see an animal’s health restored and then seeing them find a loving home of their own, knowing that you played a part in that journey is just incredible.