New Anti-Cruelty Bill Signed Into Law


care standards in South Carolina began more than three years ago in the animal welfare community across South Carolina. The result ended with Governor Henry McMaster signing Senate Bill 105 into law May 16.

Senator Paul Campbell (R), fought for the bill from the beginning, “Basically I care about animals and we got too many people who treat them harshly and it worries me. I love our pets and if you abuse an animal, I have concerns about your ability to live in society -- would you not abuse a child or adult?”

“The passage of this important legislation is bittersweet because we had to sacrifice two of the key provisions, humane tethering and shelter standards,” said the Chair of the South Carolina Animal Legislative Coalition Denise Wilkinson. “However, we will live to fight another day for humane tethering and shelter standards in 2020.”

Senator Campbell agrees, telling Carolina Tails that he hopes to make the tethering portion of the law happen next year.

The tethering law would prohibit heavy chains as tethers and mandate that adequate shelter and water be provided. Also, the tether would need to be a length long enough for the dog to properly move around.

Charleston area lawmakers led the way and were enthusiastic supporters of the new law. “We applaud Senate Agriculture Committee Chair, Sen. Paul Campbell, for championing this bill in the senate this year and last year,” said Charleston Animal Society President & CEO Joe Elmore. “We also received crucial support in the House from Judiciary Committee Chair, Rep. Peter McCoy and House Judiciary Subcommittee Chair, Rep. Christopher Murphy.”


Here is a list of agencies and organizations that supported the passage of this legislation:

  • SC Animal Legislative Coalition (SCALC)
  • SC Association of Veterinarians (SCAV)
  • SC Animal Care and
    Control Association (SCACCA)
  • SC Association of Counties
  • Humane Society of the United States


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