BMW Raffle Winner

Folly Beach resident Joe Schmidt was at an oyster roast on New Year’s Day when he had to look twice at a text from Charleston Animal Society saying he’d won a brand-new BMW X3. His response? “O-M-G,” an expression this architect hardly ever uses.

The X3 came just in time. His 2001 Tacoma had seen better days and had clocked 232,000 miles. It was all meant to be.

Before the holidays, Charleston Animal Society raffled off 1,500 tickets for the new BMW at $100 per ticket. The BMW was purchased and donated by Charleston Animal Society Board Members Hank and Laurel Greer.

“I was so happy to just donate $100 for the animals,” Schmidt said. “The only thing I’ve ever won in my life were some diapers!”

Schmidt had all but forgotten about his ticket when he received the text on New Year’s Day. The drawing raised $150,000 for the animals, something Schmidt is beaming about as he drives his new Beemer. “I just think this was an amazing way to help animals,” Schmidt said. “Hank and Laurel Greer are incredibly generous people.”

A dog lover, Schmidt’s spaniel Brelan was the first in the Schmidt family to cruise around in the new ride. Stay tuned to and Facebook for the Animal Society’s next car raffle coming up this Spring!