Summer Fun

Already Dreaming About Summer Fun


HI, MY NAME IS NICOLE AND THE Charleston Animal Society wanted me to talk about their awesome summer camps. But before I talk about their summer camps you need to know they don’t just have summer camps. They also have volunteer programs, movie nights, birthday parties, Bark and Boo, and so much more!

The summer camps have all kinds of people come and talk about animals. When my mom signed me up, I thought it was one of those camps that was fun but I didn’t think too much about it. I already liked animals so I thought it would be fun (but not super fun). I was wrong!

I showed up and an hour later I could read cats’ body language. You play games, pet, play, train animals, and watch movies while you eat lunch and the whole time you’re learning while you’re having fun.

The best part about summer camps are the people who work there. They are so nice, kind and understanding. But there are not just adults that work there, there are also high school students who volunteer and help the campers. All these people are amazing.

During the first summer camp I fostered two kittens named Cookee and Hoolee. I became a foster failure and my mom and I adopted both kittens. They are now one year old, and super crazy! Before I knew it, my first camp was over. I learned so much and I was really happy my mom signed me up for more camps.

Sadly, summer was over and back to school I went, but during school I told my friends about what I had learned. During the school year, I went to the first spring volunteer program and I also went to the second volunteer program. This past fall I got a trophy for helping animals and I’m about to work on a project to help Pit Bulls.

Now why did I just tell you all that? I told you because I would like to be a future leader and Charleston Animal Society Summer Camps are playing a big role! So, give your kid a chance to become a future leader too!

Signup for Charleston Animal Society Summer Camps will open February 1.