Vik was donated by Charleston Animal Society’s President & Treasurer.

By Dan Krosse

Photos By Tony Tassarotti

K9s are an important tool to police because they provide an extra layer of safety to officers out on the street.  That’s why North Charleston Police are so excited about their newest four-legged officer, Vik.

“He means everything to me. I sometimes spend more time with him than I do with my wife and kids,” said NCPD officer Craig Akins who is Vik’s handler.  “Vik’s at work with me every day. He’s at home with me every day. We’re inseparable.”Vic

Vik is a 2-year-old Belgian Malinois from the Czech Republic and was brought to North Charleston and trained through the generous donation of Charleston Animal Society President Hank Greer and his wife Laurel, who serves as Charleston Animal Society’s Treasurer. “Part of the DNA my wife and I share is doing everything we can for animals,” Hank Greer said.

The Greers were saddened about the tragic loss of Mojo last year, a North Charleston K9 killed in the line of duty. “We thought, ‘what can we do?’ And the answer was simple. To the best of our ability we would do what we could to replace Mojo.”


Akins was incredibly moved by the Greer’s gesture, “I think it’s amazing there are people out there who believe in us enough to donate their own time and money. They have given us a tool that will keep us safe and make the community safer.”