Kia Country Loves to Help Animals

By Lisa LoVullo

Charleston Animal Society has many individual and business stakeholders and Kia Country of Charleston is so glad to be among the most passionate. In 2014, we sought to align ourselves with a local nonprofit and devote time and resources to something that would prove meaningful for both our employees and customers.

Many of our employees have adopted one or more rescue animals and care deeply about pets. When we met with Charleston Animal Society and learned more about its goals and accomplishments, we knew we had found our community partner and cause.

As the Title Sponsor of the Charleston Firefighter Calendar, we have enjoyed a front seat to the magic of this organization. We are continually inspired by their tireless commitment to animals and the well-deserved and seemingly endless enthusiasm and support they enjoy. Similarly, we are delighted to have worked with such a dedicated group of firefighters who donate countless hours to helping animals.

Beyond the calendar sponsorship, Kia Country supports Charleston Animal Society through events, dedicated content on our website, advocacy support, and fundraising initiatives via social media and email marketing. In addition, we have sponsored radio advertising on 13 local stations and encouraged our media partner to match the buy, which has provided considerable exposure for homeless animals.

By making a multi-year sponsorship commitment, Kia Country also became a founding member of No Kill, No Harm, No More. We are delighted that Charleston Animal Society shares its best practices and expertise with other shelters and organizations throughout South Carolina and the country, which ultimately saves more animals. Charleston Animal Society consistently demonstrates imagination and leadership. Through advocacy and awareness, it is continually pushing boundaries.

There are countless ways that we could devote energy and resources to the community; but collectively, we believe that there is simply no reason to abuse or neglect a pet. Our love of pets binds us together as a group and drives our commitment to ending animal cruelty. Charleston Animal Society and other rescue organizations provide an out for those who can no longer care for a pet. There is a huge price tag associated with saving animals and we are happy to contribute time and effort to a cause that is important to us.

“It would be a rare day at the dealership that we didn’t talk about our pets, share photos and stories and consider additional adoptions. It is unquestionably the number one topic of conversation among our staff and I love that we are a company of animal lovers,” said Steve Appelbaum, General Manager.

Nothing would make us happier than to see every animal in a safe and loving environment—and we have no doubt that Charleston Animal Society will keep breaking ground until that happens. Until then, we are proud to be among their most ardent supporters.