Dog flu has surfaced in South Carolina and Charleston Animal Society is urging dog owners to watch for any signs of flu in their pets. Symptoms include: Coughing / Sneezing Low Energy Fever Lack of appetite “People should be in touch with their personal veterinarian on whether a flu shot […]

Pet Owners urged to Look for Signs of Dog Flu

When Angele Bice, DVM saw that more and more kittens at Charleston Animal Society were suffering a type of eye issue brought on by common upper respiratory infections (URI), she started doing research. “The challenge we were running into was that we couldn’t extract enough serum from these tiny kittens […]

Ask the Vet: Gumby to the Rescue!

by: Dr. Ernie Ward   Zika virus was first identified in 1947 in Uganda’s Zika Forest. If you’re wondering, “Zika” means “overgrown” and the forest is home to The Uganda Virus Research Institute of Entebbe. Scientists were conducting research on yellow fever in primates when they stumbled upon this stubborn […]

What is Zika virus?