Pet Pointers

The Perfect Pet Tracking App

Losing a dog is a pet owner’s biggest fear—but Whistle will be your new hero. This app allows you to create a customizable “Whistle Zone” as a safe area for your pet to visit, and all you need to do is attach the rechargeable, waterproof tracker to your pet’s collar. Whether it’s visiting friends down the street or on a vacation, this app will alert you anytime your pet strays from the area and its GPS tracking will help you pinpoint your furry friend’s exact location. In addition to nationwide GPS coverage, Whistle can even help you monitor your dog’s health, track his progress and connect you to everyone in your pet’s life from spouses and friends to dog walkers and pet sitters.


Smile! You’re on Petzi Treat Camera!

Whether you’re wondering what Fido does all day, or a helicopter pet parent (we promise, we won’t judge either way), Petzi Treat Cam will be your new best friend. OK, your second best friend. Connect with your pet via your smartphone or tablet whether you’re at work, at a party or just plain on the go. Petzi’s camera offers a two-way voice function so you can speak to your dog and even take pictures. Best of all, you can dispense treats to your pet from your phone with the Petzi Treat Launcher. Users have raved both the product and company, and there’s even a social network you can join and meet other pet owners.