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Photo: David Pugsley Charleston Animal Society is teaming up with Audubon South Carolina in a brand new campaign called “Let ’em Rest, Let ’em Nest.” The campaign is designed to teach the importance of reducing human disturbance to popular beaches and coasts on which declining shorebird species depend. Every year, […]

Let ’em Rest, Let ’em Nest

War Dogs
By: Dan Krosse Photography: Vincent J. Musi In military jargon, they’re called a “MWD.” But there is nothing abbreviated about the list of contributions these “Military Working Dogs” make to our country on a daily basis. Stationed around the globe, these K9s go into places devastated by natural disasters, uncover […]

Saluting Our Military K9s

By Teri Errico Griffis The stick turns pink. You’re elated! You’re going to have a baby! Once the initial excitement passes, reality sets in and it’s time to prepare for a new addition to your family, and your home. Among all the worries that fill a new parent’s head, it’s […]

Bringing Home Baby

By Teri Errico Griffis When an animal needs rescuing, it isn’t always as simple as driving it down the road to the nearest shelter and a brand new life will unfold. Sometimes dogs have a better chance of survival hundreds of miles away. But how do they get there? That’s […]

Traveling In Style

By Teri Errico Griffis When lunch time arises, East Bay Deli is packed, providing some of the most quality sandwiches to the Lowcountry. Opening its first doors downtown in 2001, owners Dan Jaicks and Chuck Lee now have multiple locations around the state. They love their home of Charleston, and […]

Advertiser Spotlight: East Bay Deli

A veterinarian sees a dog with severe rib and head injuries whose cause of injury is unknown. Without having witnessed the incident, how can the veterinary professional distinguish an accident from abuse? Using data from criminal cases of animal abuse, researchers from Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University […]

Cruelty or Abuse?

By Teri Errico Griffis It’s always a great morning at ABC News 4 when station employees see Kay Hyman strolling in with an adorable dog or cat. She is a weekly guest on Good Morning, Charleston and Lowcountry Live! and Jason Lewis, Creative Services Director, has come to genuinely love […]


By Teri Errico Griffis Nothing beats a big, beautiful grassy yard for your pet to play in. But grass growers know all too well how a green yard can quickly turn into a blotchy field of yellow patches thanks to your pet’s potty habits. You can try training them to […]

The Turf is Always Greener

By Caitlin Kuczko, CPDT-KA If you do not have loose-leash walking skills off-leash, then you will not have them on-leash. Sounds strange, right? Maybe even backwards? After all, off-leash obedience is introduced in the advanced levels of obedience, and you need to have a leash to have loose-leash walking skills…right? […]

Ask the Trainer: Cut ‘em Some Slack

By Teri Errico Photos by Nolan Schillerstrom Living in the Lowcountry means enjoying two things year round: coastal views and ideal weather. Both of these luxuries make it a perfect place for bird watching. Whether you’ve been observing for years or want to get started, Nolan Schillerstrom, Coastal Program Coordinator […]

Eyes to the Sky

by Teri Errico Griffis Photos by Graham Cerceo It’s an experience you need to see to understand. Watching dogs who were once chained to trees, now roaming free and safe, tongues and tails wagging, jumping around in a newly built, fenced-in pen. It warms your heart. And as rewarding as […]

Building Fences. The Good Kind.

By Ellie Whitcomb Payne A proactive training approach encourages early muzzle introduction and aims to remove the stigma of its use. One of the common reasons people think to muzzle dogs is to avoid biting incidents, but in actuality, dog owners, trainers and veterinarians use muzzles to prevent a much […]

A Muzzle for Every Dog?

By: Dan Krosse Photography: Vince Musi Vince Musi has traveled the globe in search of photographs to brighten the pages of National Geographic for more than two decades. But Sullivan’s Island is the place he’s called home since 2001. He decided to move his family there the day his son […]

The Perfect Shot